Frugal Film Challenge 2023

Molly Kate is a photographer and writer with a small but fun YouTube channel (Eclectachrome), and this week she announced joining the Frugal Film Project in 2023.

The project started in 2019 when a group of photographers decided to shoot a roll of film every month with a cheap camera (under US$50). The original participants all shot the same film stocks but I’m following Molly’s lead to shoot the cheapest available film.

I bought six rolls of Fomapan 400 (120) today (€33) and plan to shoot a roll with my Holga 120SF (a Berlin flea market €10 purchase) every month. In July, I will switch to an affordable colour film for the second half of the project.

To add a personal wrinkle to the project, each month I will focus on a single concept or subject. For example, photographing a single building from multiple perspectives or a series of subjects with a common theme like classic motorcycles.

I will post the photographs from each roll on Instagram (@stevemadsen13), and create a small zine for myself.

The first roll of Fomapan 400 is loaded in the Holga, so let the fun begin.