I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions, they are hastily made, often in the haze of excess, and too easily forgotten by mid-January. A project on the other hand requires planning, a schedule and milestones to be reached throughout the year. Some projects last a year or more but others start and finish within days or weeks. While I have ideas for other projects, I am sure that some will be disguarded while others have yet to germinate in my mind. This list will evolve quickly:

Travel Projects

  • Back to America (Completed in April 2012)
  • Two month trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland (Planning for 2013)
  • Live for three to six months in six other countries:
    • France
    • Germany (Three months in Berlin Nov 15-Feb 16.)
    • Italy
    • Malaysia (Two years)
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America (Seven and a half years)
  • Gallipoli on ANZAC Day

Events to attend

  • A home game for every Major League Baseball team (13/30 complete)
  • World Series Baseball game (A game involving the Mariners or Pirates would be great.)
  • Ilse of Man TT (motorcycle race)
  • TEDx Sydney (21 May 2015)
  • Led Zeppelin concert. (Tough project but I am ready to go anywhere, any time.)
  • The Saints concert (With the passing of lead singer Chris Bailey, I have to give up on this one.)

Adventure Projects

  • Drive an open wheel racing car.
  • Fly in a fighter jet aircraft. (Aermacchi MB-326H, F/A-18B Hornet, T-33)
  • Do an accelerated Free Fall Skydiving course.
  • Fly in a World War II fighter. Completed 18 Oct 22, 30 minute flight in a Spitfire from Biggin Hill.

Random Projects

  • Walk the Fernleigh Track. Completed 27 Jan 12, see my photographs here.
  • Dinner at a World Renown Restaurant (Tetsuya’s in Sydney booked for our Silver Wedding Anniversary) Completed in late March 2012.
  •  Support emerging and established artists every year.
  • Learn to speak two other languages:
    • Italian
    • French
    • German

Motorcycle Projects

  • Build a cafe racer motorcycle.
  • Ride a racing motorcycle at a track.
  • Ride the Great Ocean Road.
  • Complete The Long Ride.
  • Ride my motorcycle for a month without using the car.
  • Own a Ducati 600 TT F2 replica.

Creative Projects

  • Publish my memoir.
  • Create a short video.
  • Read at least 12 books each year.