Who is Amanda Palmer?

Amanda Palmer

Good weekend?

Fantastic, we went to see Amanda Palmer at the Sydney Festival.

Who is Amanda Palmer?

I had this same conversation a dozen times last week, and I kept thinking; ‘How can you not know about Amanda Palmer?’

It’s simple really, I stopped following the crowd and started exploring anything I found interesting to uncover new thoughts, music and art. Amanda appeared on RocKwiz in Australia, she performed live with the band and demonstrated her prowess on the ukulele singing a few bars of Map of Tassie. I saw the white rabbit and followed him into Amanda Palmer land, and I found an eclectic body of music, a Kickstarter controversy and a massive social media presence but her underlying philosophy is what drew me in deeper.

Some people describe Amanda as a free spirit, a radical or dismiss her as just another strange musician with a hyper-active social media fetish. To me she is the quintessential dangerous subversive exploring life on her own terms, and to my friends? Well, to them Amanda Palmer is just another strange part of my own subversive life and one they will never explore for themselves. That’s OK, I stopped looking for approval a long time ago and I enjoy the freedom that it brought to my life. I am more open with people today, sharing my passions and discoveries across a broad spectrum of subjects.

Occasionally they laugh at my latest obsession but often it leads to a deeper discussion on the subject over lunch. A disparate voice is needed to exercise our minds and develop our thoughts into coherent understanding, I am happy to be that voice. Often discussion leads to another discovery, another wondrous world to explore and add to my own eclectic world philosophy.

Who is Amanda Palmer?

She is the next link in a lifelong chain of discovery for me but maybe a better question to ask yourself first is,

Who am I?